Sharing Our Space

amsterdam_signWest End Presbyterian Church’s facilities are used by our congregation for its worship and activities. Our sanctuary is located at the corner of West 105th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.  East of it, on 105th Street, is the parish house, a five-story building that contains the church offices, a chapel, meeting rooms, a kitchen, and a gym.

In addition to our sanctuary’s regular use for Christian worship, it is the locale for the worship of Romemu, a Jewish community. (Click) In our chapel area, the Bethlehem Church, an Eritrean group, worships each Sunday. 

West End Church facilities are used by a number of organizations that provide various services for the well-being of the wider community. Neighborhood schools use our gym. The New York Piano Academy conducts classes throughout the year. (Click) In our parish house can be found:
Twelve-step meetings (Click to learn more.)
The Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing (Click)
Hearts and Minds (Click)
Urban Samaritan (Click)

Our sanctuary is also home to our church’s community music series that is enhanced by the fine acoustics of the building.

The church sometimes hears from other groups who are interested in using its space. It makes decisions based on availability and the suitability of the activity to the church environment. Inquiries are addressed to the church’s office.

If you would like to learn something about the history of West End’s buildings, click here to go to the Our History page of this web site.