Pastors and Staff

The Rev. Alistair Drummond, Pastor, pictured
The Rev. John David Warren, Pastor Emeritus
The Rev. Kenneth J. Thomas, Parish Associate
The Rev. Margaret O. Thomas, Parish Associate
John Bowen, Director, Music Ministry
Eric Phoenix, Sexton
Sofie Pilarte, Administrative Assistant

The Rev. Alistair Drummond, our pastor, has been at West End Presbyterian Church since 1994. He was previously a pastor of the Church of Scotland in Kelty, Scotland. A graduate of the University of Edinburgh in chemistry and in divinity, he has also done further study at Princeton Theological Seminary here in the U.S.

Our pastor should be contacted to:
♦  Discuss becoming a member of the church
♦  Receive spiritual guidance or discuss particular personal problems
♦  Request services for a wedding* or a funeral
Call 212-663-2900 or e-mail

*Please turn to the pastoral services page for more specific information on weddings. Click here.